My ideas come from exploring the things around me and it’s often the smallest things that capture my attention.  I get excited over unusual paper textures, book design, beautiful typography and creative print methods. If I can get my hands in the middle of things, all the better.  I love it when unexpected moments happen in the design process and I get to surprise myself, it’s those moments that make design worth while.

Other places that feed my creativity are oil painting, baking, Pinterest, the great outdoors and making time for people who are nothing like me (this part is hard and will take you way out of your comfort zone). I highly recommend getting uncomfortable.

When I think of my creative work flow my goal in any design is to create inspiration.  One way I constantly strive to do this is by fine tuning the way I ask questions to myself and others. This part of the design process is vitally important and tends to be the place where hidden opportunities can better present themselves. I love questions and the sparks they set off.  When we hash out the ideas sparked by those questions vision is cast, direction fine tuned and from that place great design, friendships and business opportunities are born.